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Playa Linda pleased to support Aruba's Hoben y Talentoso

Posted by Aruba Daily on October 14th, 2014

PALM BEACH – The spotlight on the island’s youth, through the “Hoben y Talentoso” (Young and Talented) program, continues to shine as revealed through an ever-growing number of visits to its Facebook page. Since the page was launched on September 1st, its video interviews, photo profiles and program spotlights have garnered over 1,200 “likes”. As a proud contributor to the program, and a supporter of its social media efforts, the Playa Linda Beach Resort is pleased with the recognition being given to young Arubans who are excelling in different fields, including education, innovation, sports, arts and music.

“We are excited to support the program. It is a great investment in the community and the talented young people of Aruba,” comments Playa Linda General Manager Steven Marra. “I have had the opportunity to work with young folks, in and outside of the program, at the Playa Linda and also during the nine years I have been in Aruba and at different hotels. They are our future, and has been a pleasure to support and see young, smart employees rise in their careers.”

A past Young & Talented program participant, Seantrick Webb, was recently part of the sales team at the Playa Linda, and impressed the staff with his enthusiasm and drive. He is now continuing his studies as an EPI student and still works part time for the Resort. “Seantrick did an outstanding job. So much so that when we were approached about becoming further involved, we were very interested and supportive,” remarks Marra.

An initiative of the Government of Aruba, the Young and Talented Program provides a platform to spotlight different individuals, with plans for an upcoming book as well as through the use of social media platforms. It is a public/private partnership in which the Playa Linda Beach Resort is also involved in helping generate both conversation and pride in a diverse number of young Arubans, and the strides they are making. The ‘Young & Talented’ community effort also works with other programs that promote expression, growth and development of Aruba’s next generation of outstanding individuals.