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Playa Linda awarded gold from RCI for 25th straight year


For excellence in hospitality and resort accommodations

Playa Linda awarded gold from RCI for 25th straight year

ORANJESTAD - In recognition of an unbroken record of outstanding hospitality, Playa Linda Beach Resort recently received the prestigious, 25-year RCI Gold Crown award. Aruba's Playa Linda is only one of two RCI-affiliated resorts in the Caribbean to receive the designation, based upon a quarter century of dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and providing quality accommodations to guests.

During a recent visit, RCI Caribbean Account Executive Cherie Jeffries commended Playa Linda's General Manager Peter van Grinsven and his staff for their extraordinary commitment to providing outstanding vacation experiences. "Very few resorts earned this prestigious award that clearly shows Playa Linda's dedication to its owners and RCI exchange guests," she remarked. "Meeting the standards set by the program helps prove that you are delivering the highest levels of quality and service, and we are proud to be affiliated with Playa Linda Beach Resort."

The award is a part of the RCI® Resort Recognition Program, celebrating 25 years of honoring affiliated resorts that have consistently exceeded guest expectations. RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange, was the first to set quality standards for the vacation exchange industry when it launched the program in 1992. Affiliated resorts are rated according to resort accommodations, hospitality and member experience feedback. RCI's industry leading program presents awards to the top-rated resorts. Only the properties with the highest levels of excellence are considered for recognition.

On accepting the award, Playa Linda Beach Resort General Manager Peter van Grinsven commented, "On many different fronts, it has been a team effort - our members who back a continuous round of initiatives and improvements, our exchangers and guests who provide positive feedback and help spread the word about all the resort offers and our employees, whose ability with hospitality and always giving 100% has helped set us apart." He adds, "We are proud to accept the designation, once again, as a RCI Gold Crown resort, and intend to continue to hit high points for many more years to come."

Pictured: General Manager Peter van Grinsven, together with team members, Front Office Assistant Manager Junior Violenus, Concierge Yvette Tromp, Executive Housekeeper Ingrid Todd, Hospitality & Guest Relations Manager Pauline Dijo and Human Resource Manager Sulaika Kelly, accepted the prestigious 25th year Gold Crown award from RCI Caribbean Account Executive Cherie Jeffries.