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Playa Linda Update on COVID-19

March 16, 2020

As per an official announcement made by the Government of Aruba on March 15, 2020, a temporary suspension on all inbound travel to Aruba by non-residents has been instituted. This will be in effect beginning midnight Monday, March 16, 2020, and ending March 31, 2020, with travel restrictions subject to change as additional precautionary measures are evaluated. This mandate is a direct response to global health concerns and the pandemic status of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Government of Aruba has made this difficult but necessary decision based on considerations of its limited emergency medical care capacity as well as in its concern for both the Aruban people as well as its valued international visitors. 

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Playa Linda awarded gold from RCI for 25th straight year

For excellence in hospitality and resort accommodations

Playa Linda awarded gold from RCI for 25th straight year

ORANJESTAD - In recognition of an unbroken record of outstanding hospitality, Playa Linda Beach Resort recently received the prestigious, 25-year RCI Gold Crown award. Aruba's Playa Linda is only one of two RCI-affiliated resorts in the Caribbean to receive the designation, based upon a quarter century of dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and providing quality accommodations to guests.

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365-day proposal leads back to Aruba and an unforgettable honeymoon

ORANJESTAD – The romance, creativity and dedication behind crafting a 365-day proposal, combined with the idyllic setting of Aruba and the Playa Linda Beach Resort, easily captured the collective imagination. In the time it took to elicit an excited ‘yes’ from the intended bride, it quickly became a viral sensation on YouTube. Eighteen months later, as the video climbed to 28.5M views, the newly-married couple of Jennifer and Dean Smith returned to the same location, where a well-planned proposal heightened an affection for a place already well-grounded in family vacation memories.

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Major upgrade results in picturesque poolside views

Playa Linda debuts its latest improvements

A greatly enhanced pool deck leads to a completely renovated main pool. In the latest debut of upgrades at an iconic property, an idealized image of a perfect way to spend an Aruba vacation has been realized, with the aqua blue of a free-form pool contrasting perfectly against the darker turquoise of the nearby Caribbean Sea. In August 2015, the official introduction of improvements was shared among guests and owners, with General Manager Steven Marra marking the occasion, together with representatives from the Co-op Board, including Chairperson Angela Guarino.

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The Insider Winter 2014/2015

We start out the New Year with various positive developments already underway! Read more in our current INSIDER newsletter. Highlights include: 

  • Election of a new Board Member: If interested in becoming a member of the Playa Linda Cooperative Association Board, please submit your resume for consideration before the January 31, 2015!
  • Renovation round-up: Our new activities pool is now open, and additional amenities are now available on the pool deck as well as in the shopping arcade
  • Holiday celebrations: December was a busy month with a full schedule of parties centered around Chanukah, Christmas and New Year's events

On a more somber note, we dedicate this edition of the Playa Linda INSIDER to Johnny Silonero, who passed away unexpectedly on January 2, 2015. He worked with the Playa Linda for 15 years as a shift engineer and a Green Team leader, and was greatly respected by his fellow colleagues.

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Playa Linda pleased to support Aruba's Hoben y Talentoso

Posted by Aruba Daily on October 14th, 2014

PALM BEACH – The spotlight on the island’s youth, through the “Hoben y Talentoso” (Young and Talented) program, continues to shine as revealed through an ever-growing number of visits to its Facebook page. Since the page was launched on September 1st, its video interviews, photo profiles and program spotlights have garnered over 1,200 “likes”.

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