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Major upgrade results in picturesque poolside views

Playa Linda debuts its latest improvements

A greatly enhanced pool deck leads to a completely renovated main pool. In the latest debut of upgrades at an iconic property, an idealized image of a perfect way to spend an Aruba vacation has been realized, with the aqua blue of a free-form pool contrasting perfectly against the darker turquoise of the nearby Caribbean Sea. In August 2015, the official introduction of improvements was shared among guests and owners, with General Manager Steven Marra marking the occasion, together with representatives from the Co-op Board, including Chairperson Angela Guarino.


"We began this process last year by unveiling a brand new activity pool, and then went on to completely renovate the main pool, adding new design elements, and expanding our pool deck. All of our efforts have been in response to keeping up with the expectations of our members and guests as well as in adding to Aruba's quality tourism product," comments General Manager Steven Marra.

As a mainstay in the island's tourism industry, Playa Linda Beach Resort was one of Aruba's first timeshares and remains one of its best through a continuous commitment to innovation and improvement. Along with the positive changes recently made to the pool, the pool deck now features LED lighting, handicap access ramps, new bathrooms and more shade with added chickees. The investment in Playa Linda's public areas also extends out into the front of the resort, where a new walkway helps safely bring in more foot traffic to an inviting shopping arcade.

"We were able to reach all our goals, thanks to the excellent work of local contractors and with the outstanding efforts of our employees, who went above and beyond to ensure guests experienced the least amount of inconvenience possible during the renovation work," explains Marra. "At the cornerstone of our operations, we strive to provide a ‘home away from home' atmosphere through unwavering hospitality along with ensuring beautiful surroundings and a high degree of comfort."

For over 30 years, Playa Linda remains a favorite island resort and an example of the best Aruba has to offer.